The existing stretch ceiling is dismantled by using pointed instruments such as
an awlshaped tool, spatular and etc.
But EzSOL ceiling is easily dismantled from frame by pulling off the projecting lip
of ceiling's harpoon with finger's ends.
If the ceiling is opened as much as you like, you can exchange lights or clean dusts.
If you want reinstall the ceiling, you just push the harpoon into the frame or you
can much easier reinstall ceilng by a spatula.

1.  Put your finger to the harpoon's lip.

2.  Press the lip back toward the sheet.
     Then harppon released and the
     sheet falls off frames easily.

3.  If the sheet is dismantled, you can
      exchange lights or clean.

4.  If you want reinstall, use spatular
      or by hand